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The Contingent – Our invoicing and payroll partner

Whether you are a contractor, hiring organisation or a placing agency, we understand that there is a real complexity and significant administrative burden resulting from contractor engagements.

To ease this pain we have introduced The Contingent as our administrative and payroll partner to the Crackerjacks offering.

Crackerjacks provides safe and secure access to The Contingent platform where contractors and hiring managers can process timesheets, view historic activity and keep personal details updated.  Our contractors and businesses have complete control through The Contingent’s automated process.

All funds are held in a commercial trust account and are validated by ASB Bank to be third party funds.  These finds are unable to be used by The Contingent for any purpose other than for contractor payment purposes.

About The Contingent

The Contingent is a purpose built, fully compliant contractor management solution providing services to individual contractors, hiring organisations and recruitment agencies.

As a team we have accumulated vast experience in the HR, recruitment, procurement, accounting and service sectors.  Our combined knowledge and personal observations of the contractor workforce market has led to the development of The Contingent and its core service offerings.

IRD have been consulted in the development of The Contingent’s service offerings to ensure a fully tax compliant outcome.  WHK Accountants provide specialised supporting advice and input.

“We value the importance of providing comprehensive contractor workforce solutions to individual contractors, corporate employers and recruitment agencies”.

For contractors:

Our contractor back office (CBO) solution has made a way for you, the busy contractor, to squeeze more productivity into your day.  Don’t believe us?  Then take a look.

Contractor Back Office (CBO) Brochure

You just log your hours and we will do everything else.  You can now enjoy all the benefits of contracting without the associated administrative burden.  In addition to a full tax service, we also provide PI and PL insurance cover through our group scheme.

We can handle contractors with multiple projects on the go at the same time, paid on either time or task basis.

The Contingent’s contractor back office service is fully supported by WHK Accountants.

Join us in our mission to make contracting easier than PAYE!

WHK Trust Letter

For businesses:

We offer corporate clients an end-to-end contractor workforce solution using a sophisticated Vendor Management System (VMS).  Our aim is to reduce cost and risk through improved compliance standards and enhanced contingent workforce visibility.

We will address your contractor management concerns and enable your senior management to make more informed decisions.  We provide current state “Health Checks” complete with best-fit recommendations.

Our own research has given us a good understanding of the New Zealand market.  (Research summary to come)

For recruitment agencies:

Our Agency back office (ABO) solution seeks to reduce the contractor associated administrative burden of recruitment agencies, giving agencies more time to focus on important placement activities resulting in reduced fixed costs and improved sales.

Join us in our quest to raise the standards of the contractor market and at the same time improve your own reputation and bottom line.

Trust Account Operation

To alleviate any concerns there may be about our payment process, please see the letter from WHK Accountants.  All payments are made to The Contingent and passed on to contractors the same business day.  Where a contractor has engaged The Contingent CBO service, tax deductions will be held in a trust account while awaiting payment to the IRD.

WHK Trust Letter

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