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Become a Crackerjacks contractor and let the jobs find you.
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How Does it Work?

Sign up & create your profile

Create an account and add your key skills, career history and qualifications.

Reference check yourself

Help businesses get to know you by adding referees for your career history. Their reviews give you a star rating based on past performance. The rating will improve your chances of being considered by businesses.

Respond to job invites from businesses

We’ll suggest your profile to businesses when your skills and experience match a job that they’ve posted.

Accepting a job invite lets the business see your full profile, declining it takes you off their candidate short list.

Accept interview requests

You’ll be notified by email and see a change in the job status on your dashboard when something happens with a job.

Your dashboard will show when you move from interviewing into a contract, and again when the contract ends.

Get contracted!

Businesses will discuss contracts, pay, and work hours with you and put it all in a contract.

Your new job will automatically be added to your career history on your profile and your new manager will be asked to review your performance at the end of your contract.

Let us take care of the paperwork

We’ll be in touch once your contract begins to introduce you to The Contingent, our contractor care service. They will help you manage your invoicing, tax and PI & PL insurance so that you can focus on your new job.

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