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Take the guesswork out of contract recruitment. We’ll help
you find professional contractors while saving time and money.

How Does it Work?

Advertise your jobs

Get started by posting your very first job on Crackerjacks.

Enter the job details and personalise your job ad with your company’s logo, details and website.

We’ll let you post an unlimited number of jobs at no cost!

Need help getting started? Send us an email to and we’ll talk you through it.

Search for the perfect contractor

We’ve got thousands of professional contractors looking for their next contracting opportunity.

Search through our contractor database and filter your search results to suit your job requirements.

Looking for a specific skill set? Use our search tool to find what you’re looking for.

Invite, reference check and interview

Keeping track of your candidates for a job is simple with our new job management tools.

Our unique recruitment platform lets you invite candidates to apply for jobs, view their profiles, arrange interviews and reference check with the click of a button.

Manage your candidates online

Move candidates through the job application process using our online job management system.

Keep track of candidates by assigning notes to their profiles and let our job management screen tell you what the next step is.

Hundreds of applicants to email? Let our site send and personalise these emails for you, saving you time.

Hire your new contractor!

Found the perfect contractor? Get in touch with them to make an offer and discuss employment terms. Once you’ve engaged a contractor, your job management will automatically update to show who you’ve contracted and when their contract ends.

We’ll send you a reminder email one week before their contract ends and give you the option of extending, or making it permanent!

Let us take care of your paperwork

Crackerjacks provides employment agreement templates for businesses to use at no cost.

Need help with administration/paperwork? We’ve got you covered! Our administration provider, The Contingent Ltd offers a fully compliant contractor management solution reducing risk and cost through improved compliance standards and workforce visibility. They also provide PI and PL insurance.

View our payroll services and prices here

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