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Crackerjacks Contracting was founded in 2008 by Tony Wai, an experienced Chartered Accountant and Chief Financial Officer with a background working with some of New Zealand’s top organisations. Wai had experienced first-hand the lack of contract focused recruitment options in New Zealand and worked with Helen Sedcole and Frane Karaman to develop the Crackerjacks model. Crackerjacks provides contractors and businesses with an online tool where they can connect.

Wai noticed that contractor sourcing came with an exorbitant cost that proved unrealistic and acted as a barrier for many small businesses. With a thorough understanding of what businesses were looking for in a contractor, Wai set out to develop a new model of recruitment that would benefit contractors and businesses, without excluding recruitment agencies.

The Crackerjacks Contracting model uses contractor profiles, a unique rating and reference system and self-managed recruitment process to provide contractors and businesses with what they need. The model has proven successful in New Zealand and the team are looking to expand into the Australian and UK markets in the near future.


“People are contracting because they want to work to live, not live to work”

-Tony Wai, Founder and Managing Director.


Meet the Team

Tony Wai – Founder and Managing Director


Tony founded Crackerjacks Contracting in 2008 after experiencing frustration around the lack of recruitment options and resources for professional contractors, and for businesses wanting to utilise contract talent, in New Zealand.

An accountant by trade, Tony brings a wealth of experience and business knowledge with him. Tony has worked with the likes of Fonterra, DB breweries and Emerald Foods. Tony currently juggles a thousand commitments, among them, his role with Crackerjacks, CFO of Atlantis Healthcare, and spending time with his wife and son!

Get in touch with Tony:

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Paul Greenaway – Commercial Director

Paul Greenaway

Paul joined the Crackerjacks team from HainesAttract, one of our strategic business partners, and is responsible for building commercial relationships across the New Zealand market; uncovering opportunities for recruiters, corporates and public sector organisations to connect with professional contractors via our platform.

With a background in Sales Management and Training & Development in the UK, Paul moved to New Zealand in 2005 with his wife and family as Media and Sales Director, quickly building a reputation for innovative recruitment strategies using the latest technology and media channels.

Get in touch with Paul to hear more about us, and to see how the Crackerjacks business model will work for you.

Get in touch with Paul:

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