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For Contractors

Crackerjacks is an online community
where professional contractors can be
found by businesses looking for talented professionals.

Until now someone else has always dictated when and where
you work, but not any more! Join Crackerjacks and experience
the benefits of professional contracting –  It’s totally free!

For Businesses

Crackerjacks provides businesses with an online
database of 2907 professional contractors currently
available, allowing you to find talent when you need it.

We offer full service recruitment at low cost, while
keeping the power in your hands through our
unique online tools!

What Can Crackerjacks Do For You?

Talented & Experienced Professionals

Whether you're a recent graduate or have years of experience, Crackerjacks is the platform where you get recognised and invited to jobs.

People wanting
work-life balance

Control when and where you work with flexible contracting options.

Small and medium businesses

Bring recruitment in-house: Manage your own recruitment and save time and money.


Manage your workload and keep track of your own candidates with our tailor-made talent management tools.

High profile corporate organisations

Get 24-7 access to professional contractors, post jobs and keep track of your own contractors with our online tools.

Join Crackerjacks

With a talent pool of 7200 profiles, we have over 2775 Professional Contractors available right now.

Join us to see how Crackerjacks can work for you.

HainesAttract Partnership

We’ve teamed up with HainesAttract, NZ’s best in job marketing. Our partnership means more contracting opportunities and the chance to see how the best in the business are doing things.

Customer Success

Crackerjacks is supporting high profile New Zealand organisations with their contracting needs.

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Keep track of employment law, contractor rates, lifestyle trends and job opportunities with our blog.
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We’ve covered everything from employment ‘law and taxes’ to psychometric testing, and the evolving trend of contracting as a lifestyle choice.
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Crackerjacks is free for contractors, plus we take care of the billing.

Businesses only pay for successful placements- posting jobs and searching for contractors is free!
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